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Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for global prosperity announces vertical farm as the global prosperity award winner

by Abd Allah

The Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity announced that AeroFarms is the winner of the Global Prosperity Award, a program that reinforces corporate social responsibility through science, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

AeroFarms will provide mentorship support to four start-ups that were identified as the most disruptive solutions for the Global Maker Challenge, which concluded in September 2020 and ran challenges focused on ‘Sustainable and Healthy Food for All’, ‘Innovation for Inclusive Trade’, ‘Innovation for Peace and Justice’, and ‘Climate Change’.
A panel led by Policy Links – Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge selected AeroFarms for presenting customized support plans to help each of the winning innovators overcome their non-financial operational challenges and achieve greater societal impact. The judging panel also recognized AeroFarms’ leadership in agricultural technology. The Global Prosperity Award was announced during The Global Prosperity Conference at EXPO’s Dubai Exhibition Centre on November 24, 2021.

David Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer of AeroFarms, said: “The Global Prosperity Award presents AeroFarms with the opportunity to give back and help serve as a role model and inspiration on how to push the boundaries of innovation. We are looking forward to working closely with these young organizations that demonstrate an immense drive to make transformative changes in the world and help them improve operational competitiveness and commercial growth. Importantly, this collaboration is closely aligned with AeroFarms’ vision of unlocking disruptive ideas to create a more connected, resilient, and sustainable planet.”

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