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Polker Team to display Metaverse Ecosystem Live at DCentral Miami Blockchain Expo – CoinCheckup Blog

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Blockchain gaming metaverse Polker has revealed that it will be attending the DCentral Miami conference set to take place from November 30 to December 1. 

Polker to the world

DCentral Miami is one of the biggest blockchain conferences globally and features the very best projects in DeFi and NFTs. It is set to be headlined by key blockchain stakeholders, including Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, Peng Zhong of Tendermint and Jason Brink from the blockchain.

The two-day event is divided into three stages: NFT, DeFi and Demo. It also features other activities like an NFT gallery, metaverse world, Expo booth, and exclusive VIP events. As a result, Polker will leverage this unique event to promote its metaverse and showcase its use-cases to a global audience.

Furthermore, Polker NFTs will be displayed in the NFT gallery with other NFTs during the event. The Polker team will also interact with other blockchain metaverses and key players, including Polygon.

DCentral Miami represents an excellent opportunity for Polker, and interested community members can purchase tickets here.

Polker Beta Round 2 Countdown begins

Polker is also in the advanced stages of launching the Beta round 2 phase of its gaming metaverse. The countdown, which has begun on the Polker website, will elapse on November 27 and introduce new features for the public to access.

Polker’s gaming metaverse is a highly anticipated world that combines virtual reality with the endless possibilities of blockchain technology. Gamers will be able to enjoy immersive graphics and play among each other within the metaverse.

They’ll also be able to edit the graphics and create a personalized gaming experience. Polker also introduces NFTs in an innovative way where users can unlock different NFTs to access exclusive features.

More about Polker

Polker is preparing to release their Play-to-Earn poker platform, a unique and impressive online gaming experience utilizing Unreal Engine 4. The game will be available for absolutely anyone to play, for those looking to play a couple of quick hands at a table without wagering any money – the game is available completely free.

Polker’s native token has a market capitalization under $4m – with the amount of news and development going into this project, it’s clear that this is a project to keep eyes on for their products and an investment opportunity too good to miss.

Social Links:

Website : https://www.polker.io/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/POLKER_PKR

Telegram : https://t.me/polkercrew

Telegram Announcements : https://t.me/polkernews

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PolkerPKR

Medium : https://polker-pkr.medium.com/

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